Energy Healing

Compassionately Shedding Light on your Lifepath

Debra Denker works with her clients as healing partners in co-creation of wellness of body, mind, heart, and spirit. She forms the intention to be a channel of healing light in order to bring the client into balance for his or her highest good, and aspires to gently let go of attachment to the outcome in order to serve the client. Debra works both in person and in Distant Healing sessions.

Rev. Debra Denker, CHTP/I has been studying and practicing energy healing since 1986, when she began her studies with the world-renowned healer Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere and other outstanding healers at the Healing Light Center Church in southern California.

She graduated as an ordained Minister of Healing with a B.A. in Natural Theology of Sacred Healing in 1991. She had joined the national faculty of the Crucible Program in 1990 and continued to serve for five years.

She continued her private practice in healing after her move to Sante Fe in 1994, and has assisted thousands of people in their healing journeys, both one on one and through her classes. She has studied with traditional healers throughout the world and incorporates their teachings in her work (see Shamanic Work page).

In 2000, Debra began studying Healing Touch, an internationally certified modality used in many hospitals and increasingly accepted in the mainstream. She became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in 2002 and an instructor in 2006. She has participated in many volunteer community outreach projects in New Mexico and in Alaska, which she visits at least twice a year. She recently taught Healing Touch in Lhasa, Tibet, to Tibetan staff of One HEART, a non-governmental organization that works in the area of maternal-child health care.

Debra often incorporates her skills as an intuitive reader and medical intuitive into her sessions. Many clients book double sessions including energy healing and a reading. Often the reading provides material that can be processed during an energy healing session. Sometimes clients wish to be energetically cleared in a healing session before having their reading. Energy healing can also be combined with Soul Essence Reintegration, a conscious form of shamanic soul retrieval (see Shamanic Work page).

Debra also does Distant Healing sessions, which she has been doing since the early days of her studies at the Healing Light Center. She has participated in several ground-breaking and statistically significant scientific studies of the effects of Distant Healing as an adjunct therapy for patients with advanced AIDS (see her Biography for details). One was featured in a chapter of Lynne McTaggert’s book, The Field.

Debra teaches Healing Touch Level 1, as well as many other healing-related classes for the layperson. For a list of class subjects and current classes on offer, please see the Classes page.

Call Debra at 505-466-4509 to make an appointment.

Disclaimer:  Rev. Debra Denker does not prescribe or diagnose. Energy healing sessions including Healing Touch are in no way intended to replace care from a qualified and licensed medical practitioner.


Photo of Debra by Rita Gonzalez