Shamanic Work

Debra Denker has had the good fortune to study with shamans and indigenous healers throughout the world since the late 70’s. She is a bloodsister to a woman of the shamanic Kalash tribe of northern Pakistan’s Hindu Kush Mountains. Some of her teachers of shamanic healing include Vuzumazulu Credo Mutwa, sanusi sangoma, or high shaman, of the Zulu people of southern Africa; Mescalero Apache Medicine Man Paul Ortega; Traditional Cree Doctor Nicole Gladu of northern Alberta, Canada; Rhoda Concha Hopper of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico; and Sandra Ingerman, with whom she has studied Medicine for the Earth.

Debra works with clients using traditional shamanic journeying techniques along with methods taught by her own Spirit Guides, including Soul Essence Reintegration.

Soul Essence Reintegration is a conscious form of Shamanic Soul Retrieval. It is based on the premise that various traumas in our life cause "soul loss," or loss of parts of our vital essence. Sometimes this comes back on its own, at least partially. In traditional societies the shaman would Journey for the person and bring back the soul parts. I have been guided to alter the process a bit in that I voice-guide and facilitate the client's own personal journey, and assist them in bringing back the "parts" that they find. Reasons for soul loss include childhood abuse, accidents, surgery, divorce or other emotional loss, abuse in adulthood, and so forth. The "lost" parts exist in non-ordinary reality, or the Spirit World. We Journey there together, assisted by healing energy, and the client finds her or his lost parts and brings them back. I've found that they could appear as an image of a younger self, an image of a past life self, a deity, an animal, a ball of light, or a situation, etc. Usually the part that comes back brings a gift. We ask what that gift is, and what the "part" needs to stay integrated. Usually people experience feeling more "whole" afterwards, even if they were never consciously aware that they were missing a part of their vital essence.

Photo of Washlim Gul and Debra Denker by

Lauren Stockbower, 1980