Animal Communication

Debra Denker communicates with your beloved animal companions, both in their presence and long distance.

She can help you understand their needs and guide them through loss, and help them gracefully meet the challenges and joys of relating with beloved human companions and other animals. She works with cats, dogs, horses, birds, and other species. She has often been able to help people find lost animals, and to assist animals in their transition process.

Debra has been doing intuitive work since 1977. She has always loved animals and communicated with them. After honing her skills at an animal communication class with Jeff Jordy in Taos, New Mexico, she found that many people (and animals) requested her assistance.

For details on Debra’s Animal Communication and Counseling work, please go to her website

She now teaches Animal Communication classes upon request (see Classes page). Her favorite book on the subject is Learning their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature, by Marta Williams, which she uses as a textbook in her classes.

In Memoriam

Shimi Dawa, transitioned to the Light at age 15

on September 7th, 2010.

“Portrait of Shimi as a Young Cat” by Santa Fe artist

Marcia Ware.

Here are some testimonials, from the human and animal points of view:

When we adopted Oreo, our Malamute, she had several behavioral issues to work out. Over the course of 6 months, we had made little progress with her issues. We contacted Debra to help us work through the issues. Once we began working with Debra on a monthly basis, Oreo's issues were quickly resolved.  Now Oreo is a well adjusted, loving addition to our family. I highly recommend Debra's animal communication to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of their pet.

Gail M.

Anchorage, Alaska

It is such an awesome opportunity to have Debra talk to my dog.  She can ask questions that I wonder about and I have a much better understanding of why my dog does certain things.  I get questions answered about diet, behaviors I don't understand--really anything that comes up.  It's especially helpful to let my dog know beforehand about any absences so the adjustment is much easier for both of us.  And I can let him know about behaviors that are not OK and why.  I could go on and on--I now can't imagine not having Debra in my dog's life.  Thanks to Debra, I appreciate my dog more because of what her conversations with him reveal.

Joanne T.

Homer, Alaska

I found such incredible healing, peace and understanding through my experience in animal communication with Debra Denker.  She came to me in my greatest time of need when my dear Pumpkin kitty had passed on after a terrible accident. I was able to actually have a conversation with Pumpkin after she passed on, through Debra’s translation. Pumpkin and I were able to have a real conversation, and what she said to me, only she would know. I cried tears of joy and gratitude as I experienced this amazing and most miraculous gift.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants or needs to speak to their loved ones who have passed on---it is a most loving and beautiful experience. Debra Denker has a true and wonderful gift.

Mercedee S.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hi my name is Buddy and my sister is Bubbles.  We are great big 51/2 lb. Maltese

And we just moved into a new house that didn’t have a yard, just dirt.

My people/mommy was worried about the stress of a move so she called Debra, someone she said wanted to talk to us.

I told Debra I just cared if the new place had Grass!!!    Bubbles just wanted to know if she could slide!!!!   Debra thought that was a strange request; but  Mom told her Bubbles likes to slide on slick floors, it is her favorite game in every house!

Mom said we would get grass; but when the men came to put in the yard, it would take two weeks!  She said if we barked it would take longer and make her crazy!   We explained, we need to bark to protect the house and make the strangers’ energy better.  Debra told us it was really important we didn’t bother the men, so they can get the grass in faster!  We agreed .

A  month later, the men came.  We really impressed Mom!  We only barked  1 ½ barks; not much. One time we were watching out the back door window, so many men in the yard that Mom thought someone had let us outside we were so QUIET !!!   She said we looked like we were watching a tennis match our heads were going back and forth so quiet.

We also needed our bed in a different place and Debra told Mom and she moved it!

We like this new place a lot better and we have our own grass!!!!!

Buddy and Bubbles Chandler

Dallas, Texas

Photos by Debra Denker, Tara Lumpkin, and Gail Morrison.