Debra Denker has been teaching in the Healing Arts since 1990. She is a Certified Healing Touch Instructor, teaching Healing Touch Level 1 classes. She also teaches a range of intuitive arts and healing arts classes privately as described below.

Debra always enjoys sharing her unique experience and expertise in the healing arts stemming from over 20 years of study and practice and 16 years of teaching. She has traveled widely, learning from indigenous healers in South Africa, Asia, Alaska, Canada, and the Southwestern U.S. She has taught many of the following offerings to students, practitioners, and instructors of Healing Touch and other energy healing modalities in New Mexico, Alaska, Colorado, California, Canada, the U.K. and South Africa.

Healing Touch is a multi-level program in energy based therapy that moves from beginning to advanced practice. After completion of Level 5, a person is eligible to apply for certification from Healing Touch International, Inc.

Level 1 begins with 18 clock hours of instruction that allows persons with varying background to enter, acknowledge their previous learnings, and further develop concepts and skills in energy based therapy. A strong commitment to personal growth and knowledge of holistic health principles are also required.

The Intuitive Web: Developing Your Psychic Skills

This experiential class will help you deepen your innate psychic abilities and integrate them into your practical work, daily life, and creative expression on ever more profound levels. With a solid basis in grounding, emotional and psychic clearing, and shielding while maintaining empathy, we practice and hone Third Eye skills including aura perception and interpretation, remote viewing and Distant Healing, reading objects and photos through psychometry, pendulum work, and astral projection. The emphasis will be on using all of our physical senses as gateways to psychic perception, and on practical application of these skills. This class is ideal both for beginners and for healers seeking to expand their intuitive perceptions.

Developing Medical Intuition

In this hands-on class, Debra teaches a variety of techniques to deepen and develop your skills as a Medical Intuitive. Healers and laypeople of all levels benefit from exercises that hone your ability to perceive and assess auric field energy and its interrelation with the physical body---hands-on or at a distance---and recognize patterns of health or disease. Methods of perception covered include taking hands-on assessment to new levels of subtlety, looking and listening for harmony and disharmony in the field, empathic connection with the client, and inner knowing.

Healing with Tibetan Bells and Bowls

Learn to use the resonant sounds of the sacred singing bowls and bells of Tibet to facilitate healing in yourself and others. Techniques include using Tibetan cymbals to detect and clear blockages and disturbances in a person’s auric field, as well as in living and work spaces. You will learn to use singing bowls singly or in tonal families to create healing harmonics for body and soul in tandem with energy healing techniques, and to attain both deep meditation states and shamanic Journeying trances.

Animal Communication

Learn the basics of communicating in telepathic words, images, and feelings with your beloved companion animals. This one-day class teaches you the skills you need to “talk” to your own animal friends, animals in the wild, and your friends’ companions. We learn to work in “person” and at a distance using photos and descriptions. This class will enhance both your own life and that of your animal companions.

The following classes are designed especially for committed students of Healing Touch or other energy therapies. Admission is by permission of instructor, or completion of Healing Touch Level 3 or above.

Deepening Your Healing Skills

Using a systems-based approach, Debra shares time-tested techniques such as Endocrine Timing and Balancing, Advanced Applications of Energy Chelation, the Hands-on Lymphatic Immune Booster, and the use of High Frequency Metallic Energies---copper, silver, gold,  platinum, and alloys---on nervous system and other dis-eases. There will be a strong emphasis on using your own creativity, based on a sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and energy field theory, to synthesize the optimum technique constellation for each individual client.

Broadening Your Healing Skills---Healing Heart, Mind, and Body

This practicum covers advanced organ and system energy balancing, dissolving of mental blocks to healing, healing of the emotional body, teamwork techniques for healing AIDS and other chronic diseases, and stimulation of the immune system. Techniques such as the “Energy Egg” to support healing of the sacral and heart chakras are taught, along with emotional release techniques including Cellular Tetany, Removal of Trauma from the energy field, and Thought Form Identification and Release.

Here’s what some of Debra’s students, accomplished healers and instructors themselves, have to say about her classes:

“Don’t miss these classes! Debra’s intuitive and healing skills are outstanding and she is generous in sharing them. They will really enhance your Healing Touch practice.”

 ---Sue Hovland, RN, BSN, CMT, CHTP/I

“I first met Debra when she was on the staff of Rosalyn Bruyere’s Healing Light Center Church. She is a remarkable teacher who makes the development of psychic intuition and the ability to perceive the auric field seem easy.”

---Kathryn Moray Allan, RN, HNC, CHTP/I


Photo by Susan Goseyun